Most Characters Nerfed in Apex Legends


A perfect competition means that the relation between the demand and supply keeps intact and none of these variables exceeds each other’s limits. If they do then it would be an inelastic competition meaning that either the commodities will no longer get purchased or the demand will get so increasingly high that the commodities will no longer be available to purchase. Either way, it is a disaster for both of the parties. So to avoid this mess the organization makes appropriate supply for an adequate demand. So this way either party will get what they want.

The point I am making is that when a field has a perfect competition then it thrives because new players come into the game and drive the market to be better than it was before. Making appropriate decisions to ensure the perfect competition is not limited to markets or economic measures. In competitive sports, the head organization changes rules all of the time. Whether it’s FIFA Melbourne Cricket Club Or even Esic they change the rules and code of conduct to provide better playing conditions to every team and its players.

In competitive games like Apex Legends or Valorant, they heavily rely on their characters for the gameplay essence. Sometimes they overpowered some of their character to an extent that it became unfair for other legends to play against it. That is why the developers constantly are nerfing the OP legends to clear out the playing field for all players. So in this blog, I will talk about the most nerfed legends in Apex. it will be a top 3 list in which I will include the legends that have gone through multiple nerfs since their inauguration.


The first legend on the list is Wraith The Interdimensional Skirmisher and she had been hit with nerfs way more often and way more hard than she deserved. She got nerfed more than 7 times and now she is not even a shadow of what she used to be. The first Nerf that she got was in season 6 when Respawn increased her ultimate Dimensional Rift’s cooldown from 150 seconds to 210 seconds. The second adjustment they made to the legend was they completely overhauled her hitbox making it bigger and easier to hit. Other than that they also removed her ultimate ability if under the influence of Valkyrie’s ultimate. They also did an update on other legends who got the low profile and stripped all of them from it all around. All in all, she got nerfed by respawn quite a few, and at a point where she was completely unpickable for most of the players.


The second legend on the list is Path Finder and he also has several but unlike Wraith he is still more popular and more picked amongst the community. The first nerf on him was not big; in season 2 respawn increased the Low Profile incoming damage by 5%. Although he was not the only one who got it considering there were other legends who had the low-profile ability it was the first nerf on him. The next nerf on him was on season 5 in which they had increased the cool down of his grappling hook from 15 Seconds to 35 seconds which was a big deal for the legends considering he is a skirmisher and this hurts his agility to move out from a fight quickly and fourthly.


The last on the list is the default healer and one of the best legends in the game. Although Gibraltar did not get that many nerfs during his time in Apex Legends he did get quite a few of them and some big ones making him one of the most nerfs characters in Apex Legends. The first nerf on him was back in season 5 when they reduced his dome shield timing from 18 seconds to just a mere 12 seconds which was a 33.3% reduction in timing and a big hit on his overall kit. In the next season respawn increased the cooldown of his Defensive Bombardment from 3 minutes to 4.5 minutes Meaning another 33.3% increase on his cooldown. All in all, Gibraltar is not as great as he used to be but he is quite a good pick from the perspective of a healer.

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